Media kit PET Pavilion by Project.DWG ~ Office for Architecture and LOOS.FM

The PET pavilion is a temporary structure, used as a public space in a shared community park. The architecture informs on topics including sustainable building, recycling and waste-cycles by rethinking the way buildings are developed, built and used.


Project details

Design: Project.DWG & LOOS.FM
Design Team: Michiel de Wit, Filip Jonker, Martijn Giebels
Management of the PET Pavilion after completion: LOOS.FM
Location: Enschede, The Netherlands (Link to location in Google Maps and Streetview)
Area: 227 m2
Project Year: 2014


Images and text policy

All texts and images on this page can be used for editorial purposes, provided that the photographers and artists are rightfully credited.


Contact, Media requests & Interviews

Michiel de Wit (architect)
+31 6 306 479 76
Blekerstraat 165
7513 DT Enschede, The Netherlands



Media kit – reader

IconEN PET_170413 temporary monument in a temporary landscapeProject.DWGPDF
IconNL PET_170419 tijdelijk monument in een pauzelandschapProject.DWGPDF


Project description

IconEN PET pavilion text 170413Project.DWGPDFDOCX
IconNL PET paviljoen tekst 170411Project.DWGPDFDOCX



Preview01_public-space-in-a-changing-societyPhoto by Project.DWG / Artwork by Martin OostenrijkJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview02_detail-pet-bottle-wallPhoto by Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview03_facade-entrancePhoto by Marco van der Ruit / Artwork by André BooneJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview04_exhibition-1Photo by Réne Wolf Fotografie / Artwork by Cyril WermersJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview05_facade-parkPhoto by Project.DWG / Artwork by Jelle de GraafJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview06_detail-pet-bottlenecks-wallPhoto by Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview06_podium-landscapePhoto by Project.DWG / Artwork by André BooneJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview07_allotment-gardens-robson-parkPhoto by Project.DWG / Artwork by Jelle de GraafJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview08_detail-facility-corePhoto by Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview09_modular-glass-wallPhoto by Paul Clason / Artwork by René VölkerJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview10_detail-pet-bottle-wallPhoto by Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview11_pavilion-by-nightPhoto by Project.DWG / Artwork by Pim MuisJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview12_educationPhoto by André Boone / Artwork by André BooneJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview13_exhibition_05Photo by Paul Clason / Artwork by André BooneJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview14_exhibition-2Photo by Paul Clason / Artwork by Martin OostenrijkJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview15_exhibition-3Photo by Paul Clason / Artwork by Wieger SlothouberJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview16_detail-facadePhoto by Lourens HuizingaJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview17_podium-in-parkPhoto by Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px



Preview18_lego-church_bales-of-plastic-wasteProject.DWG. Abodantus Gigantus (Lego Church) by LOOS.FMJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview19_mock-up_bottlenecksProject.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview20_robson-park_map-DUTCH-textProject.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview21_robson-park_map-ENGLISH-textProject.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview22_plan-drawing_01Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview23_plan-drawing_02Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview24_plan-drawing_03Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview25_plan-drawing_04Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview26_site-aerialGoogle EarthJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview27_1to200_model_01Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview28_1to200_model_02Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview29_1to200_model_03Project.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview30_steel-frameProject.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px
Preview31_site-planProject.DWGJPG: 1280px3000px


Short documentary

Video files (mp4) are sent on request.