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Abondantus Gigantus – the Lego church

The Abondantus Gigantus, a larger-than-life toy block structure better known as the lego church, was a temporary pavilion in Enschede, the Netherlands. The pavilion was created for the GrensWerk Arts Festival in 2011, serving as a meeting point and a stage for various performances and exhibitions.

The Legioblocks – recycled concrete blocks that resemble Lego bricks – were coloured in bright, primary tones just like the originals. Arranged in honeycomb patterns, the giant blocks reflected and enhanced sunlight through the day.


Loos.FM, a multidisciplinary collective specialising in temporary public space, opted to build a church-like building with a 20m tall spire so that it would stand out in the city – making a connection between something grand and overwhelming (the church and its size) and something playful, simple and comprehensible (Lego).

The reference to Lego bricks often call up feelings of remembrance, sentiment and creativity. The size of the church on the other hand, inspires the spectator with awe.’


Client Paviljoen Grenswerk Kunstenfestival
Location Stationsplein, Enschede, The Netherlands.
Design team Michiel de Wit, Filip Jonker, Martijn Giebels, Grenswerk Festival
Photographs Grenswerk Kunstenfestival , project.DWG

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