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The PET pavilion, public space in a changing society

The PET pavilion is a temporary structure, used as a public space in a shared community park. The architecture informs on topics including sustainable building, recycling and waste-cycles by rethinking the way buildings are developed, built and used.

Since completion, architect Michiel de Wit (co- founder of and owner of PROJECT DWG office for architecture) has been engaged with propagating this message to whomever visits the pavilion. The temporary park where the pavilion is situated comprises of the former Robson pyjamas factory (now a creative hub for young professionals), a large dog training field, 50 allotment gardens, and a neighbourhood park maintained by the community. Here the PET pavilion plays a central role as a public living room for the local community. Visitors can enjoy bimonthly exhibitions all year round.


ClientDistrict council Horstlanden Veldkamp
LocationBlekerstraat, Enschede, The Netherlands.
Design teamMichiel de Wit, Filip Jonker, Martijn Giebels
PhotographsMarco van der Ruit, Cyril Wermers, Paul Clason, project.DWG