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Sky castle

Due to the small plot and concerns for sufficient privacy, the house is -in it’s entirety- elevated from the ground level. As a result oversized windows are free from the urban context or any obstructing building masses, and do not affect the privacy of the client.

The position of these openings create several stunning views along lines of sight as well as panoramic views over the rooftops.

Since the design is a split level surrounded by large windows, the house feels like a sky castle. From entrance to rooftop, the circulation core is designed as one vertical chestnut wooden ornament. In a play of open and closed spaces, tunnels and hidden passages, the core gives each space a natural warmth, while emphasising the concept of the split level. The commanding view from the bathtub on the roof confirms the attained privacy.


LocationRenbaanstraat, Enschede, The Netherlands.
Design teamMichiel de Wit
PhotographsEdStep, Jeannet Stassen, Rene Fokkink