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Green perspectives

In the city of Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, in a green suburban neighbourhood this warm boxed shaped house manifests it’s self from the ground up, with on each side large iconic windows gazing in the woods.

The fine choice of materials make the house blend in with it’s surroundings (since completion the colour of the wood has matched it’s surroundings), while consistent minimalistic detailing ensures a unity in the design. Several interventions in the volume emphasise the simplicity of the design.

The entrance, roof terrace, patio and outdoor shower to name some. Natural light and lines of sight create a spatial indoor – outdoor experience in the design. Where one would expect a small partition of spaces the design breaks it wide open, creating spaciousness and flexibility.

This house was nominated for the Apeldoorn Architecture Award 2009


LocationApeldoorn, The Netherlands
Design teamMichiel de Wit, Hein jan Geerdink
PhotographsHarry Noback